Daily Archives: February 2, 2011


A brand isn’t just an important component of business. A brand IS business. The experience of your company, the relationship formed between you and a customer, is the number one driving force for success. We’re here to help. 36creative builds brands from the bottom up, creating a striking, recognizable logo, crafting a personality, and building […]

YPGL Hockey Night Gathering

Join us on Friday, February 11th to kick-off Valentine’s Day Weekend with VIP access to the new Talon Club at the Tsongas Center! Mingle with other YPGL members and UMass Lowell alumni. Watch the River Hawks sink their talons into the Huskies, and enjoy the Tsongas Center. If it’s been a while, you’ll love the […]

75 Percent Under 28

(Other possible titles for this blog entry could have been: Observations of a Young Workforce From an Unlikely Source. Or, I Am Tired of the Negative Observations of the Younger Workforce—I just don’t see it.) We have nearly 100 people at JobDig, and I just realized that 75 percent of them are under 28. Amazing […]

Gaining Trust, Gaining Momentum

Even if you’re a young college entrepreneur at the top of your game, you probably still need to persuade potential clients to look beyond your age and give you a chance. When your company deals with highly technical information or requires specialized knowledge, it can be that much harder to get potential customers to trust […]


There’s a rule of thumb: the taller your company stands, the less followers you have on social media. Take, for instance, Sears (at 3,047 fans) and compare it with the much smaller LL. Bean (with 44,825). Why are the smaller companies creaming the big guys in the realm of social media? And more importantly: does […]

Ponder This: Customer Satisfaction

You can’t spell “customer satisfaction” without “customer”. Delivering on your product’s promise is a good start—creating customers for life is an even loftier goal. There’s a simple reason for this: customers talk. If you create a situation where your customers receive more than they anticipated, they’ll get the word out and around. Word of mouth […]