There’s a rule of thumb: the taller your company stands, the less followers you have on social media. Take, for instance, Sears (at 3,047 fans) and compare it with the much smaller LL. Bean (with 44,825). Why are the smaller companies creaming the big guys in the realm of social media? And more importantly: does it matter? In a word, yes. Although not to be confused with lead-generating machines, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly important when it comes to brand awareness. That translates into increased sales. One possible reason the big guys are falling down on the ground: when it comes to posting, they’re incredibly boring.

Somewhere, big business got the notion that their work is incredibly important—so important, in fact, that their social media strategy is straight-laced. It doesn’t have to be so. The majority of people still log into Facebook to be entertained, whether that be through corresponding with friends or getting a chuckle. Extend your comfort zone and kid around. Be flip, offer curiosities, genuinely enjoy the opportunity to connect with your audience in such a personal way. Your fans, may they multiply in number, will thank you for it.

Another strategy is to hand your social media presence off to somebody like… your mascot. Flo the Progressive Girl has 2.4 million Facebook friends. Just sayin’.

Keep on trucking,