Ladies and gentlemen, grab your muskets, hop on your horses, and join us as we explore uniquely American marketing opportunities in this great land of ours. Whether you fly the colonial flag, or you’re sporting a redcoat and powered wig, we can all appreciate the uniquely modern inventions from this great nation of ours.

Social Media Shuffle: Only in the good old USA can you build a business up with YouTube and bust it down with CNN. New media provides a great way to take a concept and build it up with drive and ambition. Advertising remains the key to success.

Facebook and Twitter: You guessed it—both hail from the red, white, and blue. Modern social media came about from the ingenuity of sleepy college students and old-fashioned elbow grease. In this country, we’re unique poised to use these mediums as advertisements for your services, and to connect with customers and clients alike.

Celebrate consumerism: Even in the midst of a recession, people are still hopping into their SUVs to buy gigantic toaster ovens that synch with their iPods. If you can dream it, there’s a market for it. Make sure you’re tapping into that potential with the right sort of marketing.