Ponder This: Customer Satisfaction

You can’t spell “customer satisfaction” without “customer”.

Delivering on your product’s promise is a good start—creating customers for life is an even loftier goal. There’s a simple reason for this: customers talk. If you create a situation where your customers receive more than they anticipated, they’ll get the word out and around. Word of mouth is a great form of advertising—and it’s free. Add some more excitement into a great customer experience, and you’re on the verge of a marketing breakthrough.

How you can leverage more hype in your business? Have something to promote; a new product or service. Hint at it through emails, posters, fliers. Get consumers involved. Create an interactive website that relays only partial amounts of information. When you create an “experience” rather than simply spitting out a glut of information aimed at persuading your audience, that puts you in the puppet master’s chair. Marketing through customer satisfaction means control. And when you control the interest of your consumer, that means more attention, better marketing, and more sales.

Until next time,