SEO Today

There’s a dirty word often associated with SEO: strategy. As in, your SEO strategy. The problem with “strategies” is that they take time; often taking months, if not years, and there’s the expectation that it will take even longer to start seeing results. It’s a bad word to pair with SEO. As a business owner or marketing expert, you want to move your site higher in the rankings—today. Here are a few quick alterations you can execute before your next lunch break.

Sign up. Open accounts on Facebook. On Twitter. Register with sites like LinkedIn. Start accounts in local and national business directories. The more time your name is repeated on the Internet, the higher you’ll climb. Registration, in most cases, takes only minutes.

Talk. Visit forums related to your business and voice your opinion. Though surfing the ‘net and replying to message boards may be brand new territory for you, just a few timely responses—in which you include your business name and URL, of course—can make you climb in the rankings in a matter of days.

Release. Write (or have written) press releases and see that they’re distributed through reputable channels. Publishing releases is a good way to climb in the rankings in – a hurry.