You’re so silly.

by: Adam Robinson, Copywriter 36creative

As businessmen and women, we’re accustomed to dressing in starched suits and sitting in uncomfortable chairs of hours on end. It’s what we do. But in between scheduling meeting times and attempting to change up the watercolor bottle, we need to be marketers too. That’s why we miss opportunities that lie in the power of irreverence.

There are billions of advertising dollars floating through the economy in entertainment- and game-related advertising for a simple reason: people like to have fun. While concentrating on a single message or theme, it’s easy for that message to get lost in a sea of serious faces. That isn’t to say we should concentrate on humor and fun to the exclusion of our brand and purpose of the advertisement, but we need to weave a carefully-arranged tapestry of edutainment that entertains just as much as it enlightens.

There are great new opportunities for spreading good cheer along with your brand. Zany YouTube videos can go viral, earning you millions of hits and potentially thousands of new customers. Smartphone apps can translate your unique brand into something clever. Social media has the potential to connect you with customers at an individual level, telling jokes, being irreverent, and providing them with challenges (and tasty rewards). Dust off your funny bone, think creatively, and go out there to brighten somebody’s day.