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TED Talk – The Power of Why

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk from TedxPuget Sound (Sept 2009) has been posted and is just awesome.  He starts out with the question “Why is Apple so innovative,“ Why is it that Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement,” and  “Why is it that the Wright Brothers were able to figure out controlled power manned […]


Social Media, Ahoy

Facebook fans are becoming customers. It’s one thing to maintain a stream of relevant content for your Facebook and Twitter loyalists, but the gurus know how to pull sales from the masses. Companies are promoting their brand along with special offers, and offering special deals to “fans only”. Dell has turned their Facebook presence into […]

You’re so silly.

by: Adam Robinson, Copywriter 36creative As businessmen and women, we’re accustomed to dressing in starched suits and sitting in uncomfortable chairs of hours on end. It’s what we do. But in between scheduling meeting times and attempting to change up the watercolor bottle, we need to be marketers too. That’s why we miss opportunities that […]


Ladies and gentlemen, grab your muskets, hop on your horses, and join us as we explore uniquely American marketing opportunities in this great land of ours. Whether you fly the colonial flag, or you’re sporting a redcoat and powered wig, we can all appreciate the uniquely modern inventions from this great nation of ours. Social […]

SEO Today

There’s a dirty word often associated with SEO: strategy. As in, your SEO strategy. The problem with “strategies” is that they take time; often taking months, if not years, and there’s the expectation that it will take even longer to start seeing results. It’s a bad word to pair with SEO. As a business owner […]

Elementary, My Dear Watson

If Terminator had anything to teach us, it’s this: “I’ll be back”. Popular culture has been coyly flirting with robots for decades, so it comes as no surprise that IBM’s Watson, the thinkin’, answerin’, layin’ down the trivia smackdown computer machine came to be featured on the Jeopardy! show. Represented by an icon looking like […]


There’s a rule of thumb: the taller your company stands, the less followers you have on social media. Take, for instance, Sears (at 3,047 fans) and compare it with the much smaller LL. Bean (with 44,825). Why are the smaller companies creaming the big guys in the realm of social media? And more importantly: does […]

Ponder This: Customer Satisfaction

You can’t spell “customer satisfaction” without “customer”. Delivering on your product’s promise is a good start—creating customers for life is an even loftier goal. There’s a simple reason for this: customers talk. If you create a situation where your customers receive more than they anticipated, they’ll get the word out and around. Word of mouth […]