The Big Speaker Event 2014

January 23, 2014

Courtesy Photo HYPE Committee members stand with the presenters at the 2014 Big Speaker Event

By S. Aaron Shamshoyan

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” is what Vice
President Brian Hooper of Mechanical Systems Incorporated said his father instilled
in him at a young age while starting his company.
Hooper, one of three presenters at Helping Young Professional Excel’s Big
Speaker Event in January, said growing up, he liked working with his hands, which
eventually lead to his current career. “I had to work more than everybody else,” he
Hooper’s father started MSI after selling off a large company of over 100
employees, and in 2003 handed the company over to his son.
“My father really laid the foundation for the company,” he said. “He built up
MSI to what we are today.”
And that foundation allowed Hooper the time to start Building Dreams for
Marines, a service helping disabled Marines by modifying their homes for increased
accessibility. “It’s my passion, I love doing it,” Hooper said.
Hooper recalled a project where a marine purchased a house prior to
deployment, and came back disabled and couldn’t get in or out of his house. The
organization was able to make the home accessible and functional for him. “He
should be able to wheel himself out of the house,” Hooper said.
HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan spoke about inbound marketing and the strides
his company is making to change the face of advertising.
Halligan said new marketing trends are to create content to pull people
through websites, keeping them interested and engaged with a site.
“Websites are about to go through a transformation,” Halligan said, noting
the importance of bringing visitors to a site and keeping them there.
Al Getler, CEO of Ellie on Wheels Media, was the MC of the evening and spoke
on leadership.
HYPE is a division of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce, seeking to
help young professionals engage in networking and expand business opportunities.
This year’s big speaker event was the third annual with previous speakers including
Steve Sweeney of Chartwells and Ivan Misner, founder of BNI.

Story Courtesy Salem Community Patriot.